Official Rolex Watch Winder for Beginners – How Safe is a Watch Winder for Your Rolex?

Is it safe to use your official Rolex watch winder? What should I pay attention to when it comes to using a watch winder? Luckily for you, we will guide you regarding the safety of watch winders for your new automatic watch.

Can a Watch Winder Truly Wind Up Your Watch?

As an automatic watch owner, you probably have heard somewhere that you need a watch winder. But how helpful is a watch winder to your watch?

Some people believe that a watch winder will help you wind your watch. Unfortunately, this is a misconception that many people still deeply believe today. However, that does not mean that a watch winder is useless.

A watch winder will not wind your watch. Instead, it will keep your automatic watch wound at the exact level when are placing the mechanical watches in your winder. Depending on the Rolex watch winder turns per day, your automatic watch will stay wound at all times, allowing it to keep working while you are not wearing it.

Can a Watch Winder Damage my Automatic Watch?

There have been many discussions about whether or not a winder will damage an automatic watch. Many people think that an official Rolex watch winder can damage watches because of a couple of things. For example, many people think that using a watch winder will decrease the lifespan of your automatic watch.

However, you should know that your watch is meant to be worn every day. This means that your watch is supposed to function at all times. That is why placing your watch in a watch winder is not more damaging than wearing your automatic watch every day.

As long as you set your automatic watch properly, you should know that it will not damage your automatic watch at all. In conclusion, an official Rolex watch winder is not going to be harmful to your automatic watch.

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