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Ranking the Locking Mechanism of Luxury Watch Winder Safe

There are a lot of luxury watch winder safe in the market. Each of them is equipped with its own unique locking mechanism. Each locking mechanism has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will take a look at some of those locking mechanisms and rank them from the worst to the best.

Manual key lock

Key lock is the most common watch winder locking mechanism. It is also the most basic form of lock available. This type of lock allows watch owners to keep their watches safe using simple keys. While might be too simple, a manual key is very handy for people who can’t remember passcode easily. However, the key lock is easier to duplicate. On top of that, physical keys are also very prone to the case of misplacing.

In a watch winder safe box, key locks are usually used as the secondary locking mechanism. Its complementary use is sometimes overshadowed by the more superior electronic safe lock.

Electronic lock

The electronic lock is preferable by watch collectors who find it easier to remember code than keeping a key. There are many different types of electronic safe locks available. Each of them comes with different features and security measures. Some features that are commonly found in electronic locks are a programmable user database, time delay, master code, and many other things.

Commonly, an electronic lock uses up to six-digit combination code. In watch winder, this type of lock is usually found in medium to large-sized luxury watch winder safes.

Biometric access lock

A biometric access lock is one of the best security measures offered in the watch winder safe box. Biometric access lock allows watches collectors to lock their watch winder safe in the most secure way possible. This is because to open the safe, biometric lock requires the unique biological feature of the safe owner. In watch winder safe, the most common method is fingerprints scanner.

Billstone is one of the companies that have implemented this security lock on their product. However, due to the advanced mechanism, watch winder safe boxes equipped with this security feature are usually cost more than regular watch winder safes.

So, that’s all of the most commonly implemented safe locks on luxury watch winder safes. Key lock is ranked at the bottom due to the minimum security that this lock offers. The electronic lock is in the middle of the rank. Meanwhile, the best locking mechanism is a biometric access lock.

Be aware that the best locking mechanism doesn’t necessarily make the safe better. There are other aspects to consider to determine the best luxury watch winder safe.

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